1955 Moretti 1200S Barchetta


The term “rare” is oft-times overused to describe classic cars but there is at least one model that aptly deserves this adjective: the 1955 Moretti 1200S Barchetta. From 1925-1989 Italian car manufacturer Moretti Motor Company, founded by Giovanni Moretti, produced motorcycles, microcars, and eventually more conventional vehicles using Fiat mechanicals. But perhaps the most beautiful, and rare, model was the 1200S that was ironically also the least successful with only two units ever produced.

Designed by Giovanni Michelotti of design firm Vignale, the 1200S would feature design elements that preceded models from more well-known rivals such as the Ferrari 250 California Spyder and Ace Bristol by at least two years including its large open-mouth intake, pontoon fenders, and well-proportioned curves in all the right places.

In addition, it boasted a high-output 1,204cc twin-cam inline four engine producing 95 hp, which was quite impressive for its relatively small displacement. Unfortunately, high production costs of the 1200S immediately spelled its doom and cut short production to the two existing units.

One of the two is currently offered for sale and comes with racing pedigree, being raced by Ferrari driver Lino Fayen and participating in the Havana Grand Prix in the late 50s. If you are looking for a two-of-a-kind vehicle that is as unique as it is beautiful, look no farther than Dragone Classic Motorcars where it is currently up for sale. Call for pricing.


Year: 1955
Make: Moretti
Model: 1200S Barchetta
Engine: 1200cc inline 4-cylinder (95 hp)
Transmission: manual
Mileage: unknown
Price: call


1955 Moretti 1200S Barchetta

1955 Moretti 1200S Spyder was Italian styling at its best. This car was one of the great Barchetta designs by Giovanni Michelotti. The outstanding condition of this fine Italian sports car is surpassed only by its rarity; Moretti built only two of these in 1954 & 1955 making it a truly rare automobile. The exposed exhaust pipes, adds a dramatic flair, equally impressive is the twin side pipes, which are sculpted into the body and exit at the rear of the doors. This car was shown by Moretti at the Paris and Geneva Auto shows and was raced by Ferrari driver, Lino Fayen in France. It was sold to a customer in Venezuela who raced the car at the Havana Grand Prix in the late 50’s. This stunning and rare car is a piece of history and is ready for the open road or the Concours show field.

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