1967 Jensen Interceptor LHD Mk1 Saloon


In the latest Fast & Furious 6 movie there were numerous ridonkulous scenarios and WTF moments to make even Bruce Willis blush, yet one of the few redeeming qualities of the film was the inclusion of the Jensen Interceptor that reintroduced a car from a bygone ere to a new generation of car enthusiasts.

The Interceptor, produced by Jensen Motors of Birmingham, England from 1966-1976, was a GT-class car with power courtesy of a Chrysler V-8 linked to their Torqueflite automatic, a limited-slip differential, and rear-wheel drive. The Interceptor had the benefit of being designed by Carrozzeria Touring, an Italian coachbuilder that had designed cars for Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and Ferrari.

The combination of big tire-smoking American power, Italian good looks, and British craftsmanship was very appealing to the 60s and 70s swingers sensibilities of the era. Unfortunately, the oil crisis and global recession of the 70s, coupled with poor fuel economy of the Interceptor were all bad things that did not go well together and ultimately spelled the end of this shagalicious machine.

It’s estimated that less than half of the total Interceptors produced are around today, but one of the finer examples is offered by North America’s premier Jensen Interceptor restoration shops, K&D Enterprises. This 1967 Mk1 is Doug Meyer’s (he puts the D in K&D) personal vehicle and a rare opportunity to own one of the greatest and underappreciated classics of our time.

Our featured car is one of 77 LHD units and was completely restored to like-new condition by Doug & Co. and completed in 1990, including bare-metal respray, rebuilt engine, transmission, suspension, electronics, interior, etc.. The car comes with complete documentation (factory records, receipts, photos, awards), proper maintenance history, and the peace of mind of knowing it was restored and owned by the Obi Wan of Jensen Interceptors in the nation. And this sweet sweet Interceptor is offered by K&D for $60,000. Well done, Doug. Well done.


Year: 1967
Make: Jensen
Model: Interceptor
Engine: Chrysler 6.2 V-8
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Mileage: unknown
Price: $60,000


VIN #: 117/2705

K&D are offering up for sale, a very rare 1967 LHD Mk1 Interceptor Saloon. It is one of 1024 built by Jensen Motors Ltd. and one of 77 LHDs made. This is Doug Meyer’s personal vehicle, his first Interceptor. Of all the Interceptors, only the Mk1 has the Italian ambiance within its interior given to it by its Italian creators. Its drive train is the Chrysler 383 HP engine coupled with the Torque Flight 727 automatic and Salisbury 307 rear end. It has, as all Interceptors do, power windows, power steering, power brakes and lots of power to burn. The vehicle prefix 117 indicates it a LHD model. It is not a motorized chassis from Vignale but built by the Jensen Factory which is a favorable asset. It is one of 45 non-motorized chassis and upon completion was sent to the Brussels Motor Show in 1967. It is our understanding that the Jensen Motors booth, at this show, won for best new vehicle. It returned to the Jensen factory and was fitted with 1968 options and then exported to Belgium in 1968 for Beherman-Demoen-S.A.and delivered to its first owner. Approximately 43+% of the total MK1s built still survive. To learn more about Jensen History visit Richard Calver’s website at http://www.richardcalver.com She is featured in Richard’s book “JENSEN-All The Models on page 284. Complete copies of the Jensen Factory Records, years of personal receipts, trophies and restoration photo album will be included with the vehicle. In 1980, Doug purchased this vehicle and did a TOTAL restoration in which 80% of the sheet metal was replaced. Anything that was not in top condition was refurbished and/or replaced with new. Upgrades included German high output fans, 105 amp alternator, Chrysler harness, 2 1/8 calipers all around, Mk3 power steering rack and Mk3 radiator, and Mk3 headlight surrounds. No expense was spared.

Our Restoration was complete in 1990. It was driven 2,000 miles on a round trip to Southern California for a Jensen National Show where it received numerous awards. The car drove and ran flawlessly and has continued to do so to many Jensen events and on family vacations. In 2012, it was time to renew some aspects of the original restoration as is the case with age and mileage. Our inspections revealed the structural integrity of the vehicle is still as solid as a rock. It has suffered no accident damage during our ownership and the body is still very straight with excellent body lines/gaps. It has the looks of a show car with all the reliability features wrapped up into an incredible driving machine.

This vehicle has always been garaged indoors, received regular scheduled maintenance and pampered. Below is a list of recent work:Full Respray in Black-Two Stage Paint, New Rosewood Dash Panels by Madera Concepts, New Stereo dash unit (outstanding sound system!), Engine Rebuild w/Edelbrock Aluminum Heads, Transmission Rebuild, Power Steering System Rebuild, Painless Custom Built Wiring Harness, New Undercoating, New Firewall Insulation, New Stainless Exhaust, New Exhaust Manifolds, New Aluminum Exhaust Manifold Heat Shields, New Aluminum Intake Manifold, New Water Pump, New Fuel Pump, New Ford Master Cylinder, New Dunlop Calipers all around & many other new misc. components.

We believe Interceptors need to be driven. With too many cars and not enough time, this magnificant lady is ready for someone else to enjoy creating new experiences and memories. She is TRULY one of a kind.


Serious inquiries, please contact:

K&D Enterprises; Doug Meyer
Phone: 425.788.0507
Email: doug@jenseninterceptor.com

Click here for the full ad at K&D Enterprises.




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