1980 Porsche 911 SC widebody RSR-look


We are fans of widebody 911s, and this beauty is no exception. Recently posted for sale on Pelican Parts, this 1980 911 SC sports steel factory turbo flares, duck tail, authentic Fuchs and and an IROC front valance to complete the 1974 RSR look. The owner states this is a three-owner car and was formerly used as a daily driver until recently. It’s not a concours car, but seems dialed in to make a perfect weekend/DE car.

Year: 1980
Make: Porsche
Model: 911 SC
Engine: 3.0 liter flat six
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 79,000 miles
Price: $24,000



  • Full widebody conversion using factory turbo flares and butt welds
  • No rust
  • Factory color is black and car appears to have been resprayed factory black after the widebody conversion. Paint is average and about 7/10. It is a looker from about 10 feet away. There are slight waves in the paint on the rear passenger-side quarter panel and various chips (mostly on the front-end) from normal wear and tear driving. This is not a concours-quality car, but looks great when washed up. Perfect for use as a daily or weekend/DE use.
  • Sunroof (fully functional)
  • Euro amber lenses front and rear
  • Custom bi-xenon headlights with 5000K bulbs. Superior to stock lighting, clear cut-off, high-quality fit and finish. Never been flashed in over a year and a half of driving with these lights.
  • IROC-style front valance (GT Racing)
  • Authentic Fuchs wheels. Front: 8X16. Rear: 10.5X16 custom Stratton wheels with 22mm spacers. Very unique and light. Centers professionally painted black and lips fully polished in 2011. Left rear has some curb rash (see pics). No known cracks or damage.
  • Tires in good shape and have 8mm tread remaining on fronts and rears.
  • Getty duck tail
  • Carrera script and fender guards removed for a smooth and clean look.
  • New manual antenna (installed 2011)
  • Front windshield has “Porsche SC” etched onto the right and left edges from a prior owner.
  • Window trim originally black but anodization has faded in places and appears purple. Eventually would need to be resprayed to look proper.
  • Front and rear window seals replaced in early 2011. Water leaked into the front cabin when I bought the car. I had the issue diagnosed and culprit was front window seal and drain tube from front fresh air vent. The drain tube was not secured properly to the outlet tube and was repaired. Water no longer leaks into the cabin.
  • Vitaloni California mirrors painted to match and installed on stock flag mirror bases (stock mirrors come with)



  • Recaro LS heated seats with adjustable lumbar bladders. Cloth inserts with red vinyl bolsters. Professionally reupholstered in 2011. Installed 2011 and much better than OEM seats. Custom and OEM quality switches installed using OEM auxillary panel for center console.
  • Black/red Coco mats
  • Rennshift short shifter w/ manual reverse lockout, extra-long shift lever, Momo AirRace Leather knob, Stomski coupler. Installed summer 2011 and shifts great.
  • Fittipaldi three-spoke steering wheel. Looks and feels like 340-350mm, but not sure.
  • Carpet in good condition
  • External/internal thermometers with digital readout installed along lower dash edge. Easily removable if desired.
  • Alpine headunit with iPod connectivity
  • Air conditioning currently not functioning. Needs a new evaporator and new hose that runs along front driver-side fender. Front tire was rubbing against the hose. PO spent over $2800 on AC including new compressor, hoses, and fittings. PO believed it was converted to R134, but unconfirmed. I only used the AC a couple times and never had need for it after it stopped working.
  • Headliner near the zipper for access to the sunroof has a small rip.
  • Rear seats are stock red and worn/cracked. Never used and always had the rear shelf down. Rear seat belts were removed before I bought the car.
  • Power windows fully functional.
  • Slight crack in the dash, but it is worn. Overall still looks good.
  • Tachometer needle will occasionally get stuck due to high heat in the cabin. Originally I thought the tach went bad, but after research, discovered this is a common issue. The needle is situated very close to the plastic window and in high heat conditions, the plastic expands and thus causes the needle to stick against the plastic lens. Proper fix is to disassemble the tach and slightly bend the needle away from the plastic lens. This happens when the temp is around 90+ degrees.
  • Ashtray has sticky actuation and only closes about 98% of the way. I am OCD and notice this, but most people will probably not care. I do not smoke and have never let anyone else smoke in the car so the ashtray is never used.



  • Stock 3.0 engine and runs strong. Was resealed and gone over around 50K miles (have paperwork). Never leaked oil and was bone dry until November/December 2012. Now it leaks 1-2 small dime-size drops after being driven and then stops. I believe it started because I stopped daily driving the car. I adopted a dog September 2012 and bought a BMW wagon and started using it as my DD. Porsche stayed in the garage most of the time since then and is only driven 1-2 times per month. Proof these cars need to be driven. A PPI was just performed on the car by Gerber Motorsport (http://gerbermotorsport.com/) on June 21, 2013, including compression and leakdown. Numbers were so good, they tested it twice to make sure.
  • MSD electronic ignition
  • Carrera tensioners
  • stock 915 5-speed transmission. Shifts great with Rennshift shifter. You still need to be deliberate with shifts, like any 915.
  • Clutch is strong, no slipping.
  • SSIs and M&K 2-1 exhaust (installed May 2011). Added power and great sound. Not too loud/obnoxious, but sounds sporty.


Suspension (all installed June 2011)

  • 22mm front and 29mm rear Sway-A-Away torsion bars
  • 22mm front and rear Weltmeister sway bars
  • Elephant Racing rubber bushings all around
  • Turbo tie-rod bump-steer kit
  • Front strut brace (manufacturer unknown)

Click here to see the full ad on Pelican Parts.

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