Charles Eames 1940’s Wood Splint

Eames 1

Pioneers of the 1950’s and of the optimistic American way of life, Charles and Ray Eames were some of the greatest icons of modern furniture “classics.” Their molded plywood and fiberglass furniture led the way in designing a product that would mellow with age and last a lifetime. Produced by the Evans Product Company, the Eames leg splint is an elegant sculptural yet functional device. Originally designed for the Navy, these splints were a vast improvement over the stick-and-rag splints used prior. Their manufacturing techniques resulted in an organic and flowing form splint that mimicked the shape of a leg, and provided support unlike its stick and rag predecessor. These splints, along with their close cousins the plywood chair, lounge chair, and ottoman, are beautiful and rare artifacts of a long-gone era. This is a great buy, given these retail between $900-$1,200.

Eames 2

Year: 1940s
: Evans Product Company
Model: Eames Wood Splint
Price: $499

Charles Eames WWII military leg splint. Can meet in Manassas. $499. Please check ebay-this price is in line with sold items.

Eames 3

 Click here for the seller’s ad on Craigslist.

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