1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 Gran Turismo Veloce (GTV)


Alfa Romeo, one of Italy’s renown car manufacturers, released a handsome-looking 105/115 series coupe from 1963-1977 as a successor to the Giulietta Sprint. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro for Bertone, the three-box design was both classic yet unique for its individual styling cues such as flat grille, incorporated headlamps, and balanced lines and use of glass front to back.

Overall, it was a very striking package and sold well as not only a passenger car in GT (gran turismo) and GT Veloce (veloce is Italian for “fast“) form, but as competition race cars in GT Allegerita (allegerita means “lightened“) trim.

In 1967, Alfa released a new version called the 1750 GT Veloce with several improvements incorporated including bigger front disc brakes, wider tires, new suspension geometry, and more importantly a bigger displacement 1.8L 120 hp engine for better flexibility and ability to sustain speed on the road. For the time, it was a peppy little car with Italian flair for every day driving.

Here’s a chance to snag a family-owned GTV that has been handed down for 25 years. It has been well-maintained, garaged, and apparently living the good life in California with a few cross-country road trips thrown in for good measure. If you are looking for a unique daily driver or a strong platform for a project car, this might be the one for you. Unfortunately, a relocation out of country forces the sale and it is priced to move at $8,500 on Craigslist.


Year: 1969
Make: Alfa Romeo
Model: 1750 GT Veloce
Engine: 1.8L inline 4-cylinder (120 hp)
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: unknown
Price: $8,500


I have a 1969 GTV 1750 for sale. It’s been in the family for 25 years. It’s a beautiful and regularly driven car and would either make a great project car or it could be driven as it is for many years to come.

This is a Euorpean import model with yellow fog lamps and the original 1969 Spica fuel injection pump. It’s been well maintained, very lightly driven over the years and always garaged. The engine and transmission are strong. Three years ago we drove it out from New York without any problems and have since made two round trips to Vancouver, also without incident.

We are sad to part with the car, but it is no longer practical to keep it since I am leaving the country. As the pictures illustrate, it is a California dream car. Passed down from father to son, it has been lovingly kept and enjoyed, as anyone familiar with this model will surely appreciate. The pictures tell the story.

The car is priced to sell, as I am leaving California by the end of October. The car and I will be moving around the Bay Area between Marin County, Berkeley and Santa Cruz until I sell it. Call Isaac if you are interested.

Click here for the full ad on Craigslist.




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