1920’s Omega Vintage Military-style Watch


Our friends at Wandolec in the Ukraine offer a wonderful service to the vintage watch world by giving a new lease on life to antiquated pocket watches of yesteryear. Since pocket watches are as en vogue as the band of the same name in the 90s, the craftsmen at Wandolec convert otherwise obsolete yet functional pocket watches to wrist watches while preserving the look, feel, and charm of these vintage timepieces.

Similar to the IWC Military watch featured previously, this 1920s Omega Military-style watch offers classic good looks combined with old-school and enduring Swiss movement from one of the granddaddies of horology. Omega SA, founded in 1858 and based in Bienne, Switzerland, is considered one of the top global watch brands and has several claims to fame:

  • Official timepiece for Britain’s Royal Flying Corps, 1917.
  • Official timepiece for the American Army, 1918.
  • Watch of choice for NASA and was the first watch to be worn on the Moon by Neil Armstrong in 1969.
  • Official timekeeping device of the Olympic Games since 1932.
  • Watch of choice featured in multiple James Bond films since 1995, as well worn by John F. Kennedy, Prince William, and Buzz Aldrin.

The plaudits and recognition are many for Omega and deservedly so. The craftsmanship and engineering of an Omega watch is unquestioned, including in our featured 1920s Military-style pocket watch turned wrist watch.

It was thoroughly restored to working order with an authentic Omega movement, refinished black dial with classic Arabic numerals and 60-minute outer track border, and an elegant sweeping second hand. The watch is protected by a four-piece triple-hinged steel case made originally for Omega.

By today’s standards, a pocket watch worn on the wrist fits right in with some of the ginormous timepieces offered by other brands, but with the rarity and uniqueness of this one-of-a-kind watch. It can be yours and is offered on Ebay with a current bid of $162.50 and no reserve.


Year: 1920’s
: Omega
Model: Military-style pocket watch converted to wrist watch
Price: $162.50 current bid (No reserve)



I am pleased to offer for sale this MILITARY STYLE example of a men’s “Omega Factory” timepiece with BLACK DIAL, ORIGINAL SILVER CASE and HIGH GRADE original pocket watch MECHANISM with CHATON of REGULATION SCREWS in RED GOLD, BI-METALLIC MICROMETER REGULATOR & BLUE BREGUET BALANCE SPRING signed by OMEGA.

Omega is my favorite Swiss watch firm as well, combining those qualities of name brand recognition, high quality and relative value that are important to the savvy watch collector.

This timepiece features a MILITARY STYLE elegant BLACK refinished steel dial is in good condition. This dial features a 60 minute outer track border, white enameled main Arabic numbering and 24-hour sub-numerals, steel Breguet-style hands and a recessed sub-seconds dial with 60 second outer chapter and “sweep” steel seconds hand. The new dial has been professionally updated, and now is in excellent condition. It is signed OMEGA in white enameled lettering below the 12 with trademark Omega symbol above this and #3539419 above the 6.

This model features an ORIGINAL four piece, triple-hinged SILVER case that provides for a useful dust cover over the movement. The case was made especially for OMEGA. Turning the watch over I note that the back lid is nice and clean. This watch was converted from pocket watch. The lugs are in great condition while the winding crown is in very good shape and operates properly. The inside of the outer case lid is stamped OMEGA with trademark Omega symbol and case referent number #5,539,419. There are also Swiss (Standing Berne bears) and 0.875 Silver hallmarks. The bears and indicate that the watch case is Swiss silver above .875 standard. These marks were used from 1882 to 1934. This stamps, case reference number and Silver hallmarks repeat inside on the inner case lid.

Lifting this lid reveals an inner dust cover lid, also Silver. This was used to protect the mechanism from dust and debris and to provide an extra layer of protection from shock or moisture. What’s nice about this particular dust cover is how it’s decorated, complete with engraved twelve medals with exquisite miniature detailing in the center and is signed OMEGA.

Peeking inside via the glass lid I find is a clean manual wind and higher-grade gold-plated lever escapement movement with CHATON of REGULATION SCREWS in RED GOLD, BI-METALLIC MICROMETER REGULATOR & BLUE BREGUET BALANCE SPRING. The movement maker is not marked but I hope another collector can identify the maker within the OMEGA Guild as it is clearly higher grade.

This beautiful wristwatch has the ORIGINAL movement in an excellent status which was very well saved, considering age of this watch.

It comes complete with a new 22mm black alligator style high quality strap genuine leather with matching chrome steel buckle for a most excellent look.

Diameter (with crown): 52.00 mm
Diameter (without crown): 49.00 mm
Watch crystal diameter: 41.00 mm
Thickness: 14.00 mm

This rare watch winds and set smoothly while keeping very good, accurate time.

Because of the vintage nature of the watch I cannot guarantee its absolute time keeping accuracy even if they are in good running condition and in some rare occasions may require additional adjustment.

Click here for the seller’s ad on Ebay.






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