1974 MGB GT V8


MG Cars is a British sports car manufacturer that offered cars throughout various ownership changes from 1924-2005. One of its most popular models was the MGB roadster. In 1965, they offered a hardtop hatchback variant called the MGB GT, which was a nifty little take on the convertible with added versatility and storage, while retaining the terrific driving dynamics of the roadster.

But perhaps the most desirable hatchback model is the limited-production MGB GT V8 offered from 1973-1976. With less than 2,600 produced, this little number adhered to the old-school formula of squeezing a big V-8 into a small chassis, in this case the Rover 3.5L V-8 that produced a surprisingly modest 137 hp, but 193 lb-ft of torque. This was good enough to propel our little British hatch from 0-60 in 7.7 seconds and a 125 MPH top speed. Yeah, baby!

Interestingly, due to its all-aluminum block and heads, the V-8 was 40 lbs lighter than MG’s iron-block 4 cylinder. Unfortunately, like many great cars sold in Europe, this one was never officially imported into the US. But that didn’t stop some enterprising car enthusiasts from doing so on their own, which brings us to this 1974 Teal Blue over Autumn Leaf (i.e. brown) interior MGB GT V8 imported in 1984.

This is a rare opportunity to own an original right-hand drive GT V8 that has been beautifully restored after a painstaking 4-year process. Every mechanical, electrical, and cosmetic item has been gone through and either repaired or replaced as new. Take a trip in a time machine to 1974 with this period-correct and authentically restored GT V8. It is offered for sale at Fantasy Junction for $51,500.

74727Year: 1974
Make: MG
Model: MGB GT V8
Engine: 3.5L V-8
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 82,725 miles
Price: $51,500


1974 MGB GT V8
s/n GD2D1889G
Teal Blue with Autumn Leaf Interior

The MGB GT V8 is a very special car. Just shy of 400,000 MGBs were built, and a further 125,000 GTs made with their practical and handsome hatchback configuration, but only 2591 GT V8s were made. Employing the excellent Buick-Rover V8, the performance of the MGB was transformed and the GT V8 is truly the pick of the bunch. Although BMC had previously fitted a larger engine to the MGB, the 3 litre inline six that had also appeared in the Austin-Healey 3000, this required chassis modifications and the cast iron engine was rather heavy, which adversely affected handling. The V8, with its all alloy construction, not only weighed less than the six, but also less than the cast iron 4-cylinder! Additionally, the dual SU carbureted V8 supplied just shy of 200 foot pounds of torque, making the V8 driving experience starkly different from the standard MGB. The V8 was never offered in the roadster, nor was it ever officially imported to the United States, making it an extremely rare car.

This example received an extremely thorough and correct rotisserie restoration in its original color combination to very high standards in 1998-2002. The car has seen minimal use since and remains in stunning as-restored condition. This car was originally completed on the 29th of October, 1973, and invoiced to Mann Egerton & Co. Limited in Cambridge. The car was imported to the United States in 1984 by an owner in Colorado, then passed through the Gene Ponder collection, and then on to owners in California. In 1998, a full restoration was undertaken to very high standards. The car was completely stripped and all major cosmetic and mechanical systems renewed and the car was completed in 2002.

The result is stunning and the car presents absolutely beautifully and is very correct. The paintwork was done to high standards and the panels are very straight with great gaps. The paint shows almost no wear since having been redone. The chrome is excellent, as is the rubber and glass. The lights are excellent as well, and the car has Lucas headlamps. The car sits on its correct alloy wheels.

The interior is very correctly presented as well. No liberties were taken in an effort to improve the car. The correctly patterned corduroy seat upholstery is in place, the steering wheel is black, not wood. Authentic details such as the original shift knob, British Leyland radio, and Kangol safety belts are also in place. All items are in excellent shape and in essentially freshly restored condition. The rear compartment was thoroughly restored as well and is surprisingly spacious, making this a good touring car.

The engine compartment is extremely impressive in both its cleanliness and its correctness. The attention to detail is very high and no stone was left unturned. The wiring is tidy throughout, and even the air box for the heater has been beautifully restored with correct Smiths badging. The Unipart decals on the air filters have been reproduced, and entire engine compartment is beautifully detailed. The undercarriage is similarly nice and well-detailed.

This is an outstanding opportunity to acquire an exceptionally nice and correctly restored MGB GT V8. Extremely rare and never officially imported to the United States, these cars are difficult to find in any condition, let alone as nice as this example. Comprehensively restored without regard to expense and in a highly correct fashion, this car is very impressive. The car is complete with DOT/EPA documentation from when it was imported, two driver’s handbooks (one original and one reproduction) V8 workshop manual supplement, and several photo albums from the restoration of the car.

Click here for the full ad at Fantasy Junction.





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