1962 Marilyn Monroe Behind Camera Vintage Art

marilyn behind camera3

One of my favorite movies of all time is Billy Wilder’s Some Like it Hot, a 1959 comedy starring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, and Marilyn Monroe. It is a true classic and masterpiece of entertainment.

While on the lam from the mob, Curtis and Lemmon pose as female musicians and indubitably join a traveling all-female band that so happens to include Monroe as a member. Slapstick comedy ensues, one-liners are zinged, and sparks inevitably fly between Curtis and Monroe, who would go on to win a Golden Globe for her performance.

It was the first movie I ever saw with Monroe and finally, I could understand her appeal as a sex symbol and cultural icon. As they say in more contemporary parlance, she was Africa hot! And pretty funny too.

A good friend of mine, Eric Guttormsen, seemingly agrees and has given some old black and white photos of Monroe new life by colorizing them. One of my favorites is a series of photos taken by Bert Stein at the Hotel Bel-Air in 1962. Apparently, this was Monroe’s last photoshoot prior to her untimely death just six weeks after the shoot. Guttormsen has added his unique artistic touch of color and composition to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art for any Monroe fan to appreciate. These pieces and others are available directly from the artist.

Year: 1962
: Eric Guttormsen
Item: Marilyn Monroe Behind Camera
Price: contact artist

About this piece . . .
Over 3 days in June of 1962 in the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, Bert Stein photographed Marilyn Monroe. The series of shoots would become known as the “last sitting”. Marilyn’s death occurred 6 weeks after the Bel Air shoot.
Marilyn behind Camera
I thought I’d seen pretty much every photo of Marilyn Monroe . . .  then I stumbled upon these. The more I researched “the last sitting” the more inspired I felt to create something with them. One of the things I discovered was that during this “camera sequence” of photos Marilyn took no direction from Stein. The poses were all Marilyn . . . artistic, playful and with a hint of seduction.
Because this was a series of black and white photos I thought it might be intriguing to colorize them. Half way through the colorization of the second photo I came to the conclusion that it would be a lot more interesting and “playful” if I made the dress different colors from panel to panel. During this process I wanted to remain true to two things. 1. I researched, as best I could, fashion color pallets for the year 1962. 2. I wanted to get Marilyn’s hair as close to the platinum color she was sporting at that time.
About me.
I have been drawn to both form and color my entire life. My work encompasses a variety of original contemporary images and colorized vintage/retro photography. Since I wasn’t there for the latter, my colorization of these black and white images is based on research, inclination and alchemy. These works venture to reintroduce history in a way that it has never been viewed.
My pieces are created as mixed media; a collaboration of photographs, acrylic paint, fabric, lacquer or gesso, typically on canvas or wood.
The pieces I produce are “1 of 1”. I don’t believe in producing multiple prints . . . I like the idea of there being just “1” out there...

Click here to contact Eric.

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