1977 Benelli 750 Sei


This is the second time we have featured a Benelli bike, the first being a 1960s Cobra 125. As an elder statesman of the Italian motorcycle scene, it’s understandable to look upon the brand with reverence and whisper its name within the same breath as Moto Guzzi, with whom they would eventually become sister companies under the ownership of De Tomaso in 1973.

Perhaps the most impressive model bearing the Benelli name was the powerful 750 Sei, the word’s first production motorcycle with a 6-cylinder engine. Produced from 1973-1989, the 750 Sei was a creation of Alejandro de Tomaso and was originally intended to be Italy’s premier sport bike and badged as a Moto Guzzi.

The heart of the 750 was the engine, based on Honda’s CB500 4-cylinder with the addition of two cylinders. With 96 hp on tap, this bike made for a terrific sport bike, and smooth European grand tourer. It also pioneered the use of angular lines in its design.

The 750 Sei did not have a rival until Honda released its own 6-cylinder CBX in 1978. Here is a rare opportunity to nab a 750 Sei with bespoke specifications according to the customer’s desires. The seller/builder, based in Spain, promises a fully rebuilt engine, top-shelf components, and your choice of cafe racer or touring trim on a 750 from his own personal Sei collection.

The Benelli world is your oyster and is only limited by your imagination and bank account. Pricing starts at $25,000 and can go up from there depending on spec and components. Your custom 750 Sei is currently available for sale via Ebay, with shipping to your door included in the price. How thoughtful.


Year: 1977
Make: Benelli
: 750 Sei
Engine: 747 cc air-cooled inline 6-cylinder
Mileage: unknown
Price: $25,000 Buy it now


for sale BENELLI 750SEI REBUILDED AS A CAFE-RACER. New rebuilded engine with big bore pistons, digital electronic ignition, tunned head and six carbs ramp. Each bike is made only under order following the specs of the customer, then you can select the power of the engine from original 65HP to 90HP, Fontana drums front and rear or Brembo discs, the color of the frame and bodywork, swing arm from Bimota, Rickam round section or Iberoplast alloy section, front fork from Ceriani, Marzocchi or Showa. Every component has been designed for my bikes from the BENELLI CLUB OF SPAIN and can be delivered to made yourself your dream bike. Only the best european components has been fitted in the bike: Tomasselli and Magura levers, Tarozzi rear sets, Fontana drums, AKRON alloy rims, Continental tyres, Dell O´rto carbs, Dyna coils, Malossi filters, Smiths and Veglia instruments etc. only the best for who want the best and can pay for.

The engine has been rebuilded with new improved parts (cam chain tensioner, primary chain tensioner, big ends, racing bearings, clutch basket, lightened and balanced crank etc) and now is as reliable as a modern bike.The bike can be builded as a “cafe-racer” for road legal use or “racing” for circuit and classic parades use. I can use a Benelli 750Sei engine or a Benelli 900Sei engine, in depending of the final power band selected for the new owner, using bikes from my private Benelli SEI collection. The final price of one of these beauthy is from 25.000 USA dollars to 30.000 USA dollars, including shipping to your front door from Spain, where I have my Benelli work-shop. World wide delivery

Click here to see the full ad on Ebay.



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