1958 Pleasurecraft 17′ Trailer


I don’t know much about the Pleasurecraft brand and apparently, the Interwebs doesn’t either. But I do know a cool vintage trailer when I see one, and this 1958 17′ beauty puts the “pleasure” in Pleasurecraft.

It benefits from a complete frame-up restoration using all-new materials and appliances. To reinforce that old-school look, the interior walls have been lined with all-new red birch and the exterior has received a coolio two-tone premium-grade respray. Keeping the ride smooth and safe are new shocks and brakes. And finally, you will be looking dapper chillin’ next to your new trailer underneath the custom awning and sidewalls.

This is about as brand-new as you can get without actually time traveling back to 1958. For an old lady, she is holding her age well. Very well. There’s still a little bit of time left of summer for a road trip and it is beckoning. Our featured vintage trailer can be yours on Craigslist for $21,500.


Year: 1958
Make: Pleasure Craft
Model: Vintage 17′ trailer
Price: $21,500


1958 Pleasure Craft vintage trailer – $21500 (San Juan Capistrano)


This unique trailer has been rebuilt from the frame up. All the flooring, framing, paneling, insulation, wires, piping and outer skin is all NEW. The original windows were refurbished and reinstalled, as were the original lights and sink. Everything else is literally brand new. It’s like backing your car up the the factory in 1958 and buying a brand new trailer. The only difference is the new materials used are actually better than the original.

The interior walls are covered with high grade Red Birch. The new outer skin has been painted with a premium grade automotive paint and is a 2 stage paint. It looks perfect! Even the gas tanks are painted to match.
The appliances are all new as well, in fact the oven has never been used. This beauty is wired for TV too. I have also installed an automatic vent on the roof that blows air in or out and shuts automatically if it rains while it’s open. It has a “porta potty” but no shower. There is a 20 gal. water tank and a new water heater too.

I just had a custom awning with side walls made for this trailer, see photos. The sides match the paint scheme on the trailer and looks awesome when set up. You won’t find another trailer out there with this kind of detail.

The tires are new Coker Wide White Walls with beauty rings and baby moon hubcaps. I installed a custom “Continental Kit” style spare tire carrier that will also allow you to install a bike rack to take the bikes camping with you.

The brakes are new and I have even added shock absorbers to help it ride even smoother. One thing that really wears out trailers is when they ride rough and bounce down the highway. They can shake themselves apart, but the shocks prevent that from happening.

I know this seems a little pricey for a small (17′ overall) “Canned Ham” style trailer, but I know you won’t find a better one out there. Another thing to think about is the older “refurbished” trailers can have moldy insulation, broken or cracked pipes, frayed wires, etc. This trailer has replaced all of these potential issues with brand new materials. In addition, we had a custom awning with side walls made so that an outdoor room can be set up while camping. The sides were done to match the trailer exactly as far as color and pattern. It’s very unique and beautiful.

Also it’s light enough to tow with almost any car. I use my vintage woodie to tow it so just about anything you have should pull it.

You may make an appointment to come see it too if you are local, I’m right off the 5 freeway and the Ortega Hwy (74) in So. Cal.

Click here for the full ad on Craigslist.




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