1984 Bally Midway Fireball Classic Pinball Machine


In my day, my brother and I would go outside to play using only our imaginations, a couple of sticks that multi-tasked as rifles, swords, or a walking stick, and an occasional rock every now and then. This was some low-tech shit and times were much simpler back then.

As we got older we became a little more sophisticated and with the money earned from our paper route (for you young types, people actually read the news on real paper a long time ago), John and I would bike over to the local bowling alley and play one of our favorite pinball machines. If you were good enough, a couple quarters could go a long way towards whiling an afternoon away. Unfortunately the youth of today seemingly does not appreciate analog entertainment the way the pre-Interwebs generations did in the past. Which is too bad, because the art of tapping flipper buttons, jiggling the pinball machine, and adding in some well-timed body English is now practically a lost art form…and was a lot of fun to boot.

One of the dominant players in the pinball and arcade gaming word was Bally Midway that operated from 1958-2009. Perhaps one of its most-famous games was Space Invaders, an all-time video game classic released in 1978. From the late 1970s to the late 1980s, Bally Midway was the leading producer of pinball games in the US.

One such game was Fireball Classic, a remake of their 1972 Fireball pinball game. I don’t recall ever playing this particular game, but just based on the name alone, it sounds really cool. Unfortunately you will need a big truck and friend or three if you want this badboy as the seller will only accommodate pickup with no shipping. If you are in the St Louis area or up for a road trip, check it out on Craigslist for $2,700 and get one into your man cave today.


Year: 1984
: Bally Midway
Model: Fireball Classic Pinball Machine
Price: $2,700


There were two different Fireball machines produced. The original machine is rare, and very collectible. The other one is more of a knock off that was mass produced and hence, is not valuable. Luckily, this one is AN ORIGINAL, COLLECTORS ADDITION!

This machine was appraised at $3000 by a local dealer within the last year.
All lights and equipment works.
It is very clean

70″ tall
51.5″ deep (player to backboard)
22″ wide

Take a look at the 8 pictures or take a closer look and come see it in person. I doubt you would ever find anotherone in this excellent of condition!

Please note: due to the recent enormous amount of spammers on craigslist, I do not respond to emails. Please contact me on my cell by call or text 314-974-five33seven

I will not ship the item. Do do not accept cashiers checks or personal checks. We cannot help lift/carry item out of walkout basement.

Click here for the seller’s ad on Craigslist.




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