1970 Porsche 914/6


Long before the Cayman and Boxster, Porsche offered the mid-engined 914, the result of a collaboration between Porsche and Volkswagen as an effort to provide an entry-level successor to the 912 and Karmann Ghia. As part of a verbal agreement between the two longstanding automotive partners, the original plan was for Porsche to sell the 6-cylinder version while the 4-cylinder model would be badged as a VW.

But alas, as Robert Burns can attest, the best laid schemes of Porsche and VW may oft go awry. With a change in leadership at VW during development of the 914, the agreement and plan dissolved and thus Porsche forged ahead on its own offering both 4 and 6-cylinder models without VW’s involvement.

Originally available from 1969-1976, the 914/4 would eventually become Porsche’s top-selling model, but it was the 914/6 that was the one to get. The 914/6 was an impressive machine, offering the perfect combination of power, handling, and agility to rival its older brother, the 911. Its mid-engine layout bestowed uncanny balance where the 911’s rear-engine layout could potentially upset a driver’s flow in corners.

Unfortunately, high production costs and low sales eventually led to the demise of the 6-cylinder model and only about 3,300 units were made. Which is why this is a rare opportunity to pick up a clean example of a 1970 914/6. It has been rebuilt to factory GT specs including a 1983 3.2 911 engine, Carrera suspension, rebuilt transmission, Turbo brakes, steel fender flares, and a fresh coat of Blood Orange paint. This 914 is the business and is quickly rising in value and collectibility. Here’s your chance to get yours today on Craigslist for $64,000.


Year: 1970
Make: Porsche
Model: 914-6
Engine: 3.2 flat 6-cylinder (245 hp)
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 26,000 miles indicated
Price: $64,000


This is a genuine 1970 914-6 Porsche, built in the Porsche factory on May of 1970.

It has been professionally built up to GT Factory specifications with 1984 3.2 Carrera closed loop FI engine producing 245 hp. Mated to a freshly rebuilt (documented) Porsche five speed Limited Slip Trans-axle with Rennshift close ratio quick shifter and Patrick Motorsports aftermarket reinforcement items. Carrera suspension, Turbo front and GT rear brakes and Porsche developed steel side body plates to increase the structural integrity of the body to take the extreme hp and side loads. You can see some of these plates in one of the pictures on display. This includes 914-6 GT steel fender flares that can accommodate the larger 16 X 9 and 16 X 8 Fuchs wheels. Bilstein coil over shocks with 245 lb rear springs, 23mm front torsion bars, adjustable Weltmeister front sway bar, 914-6 GT/Ferrari rear mechanical and hydraulic calipers allows one to keep the ebrake, front Calipers are Porsche Turbo, 23mm Master brake cylinder with Metal braided lines all around to stop this 2100 lb 914-6 GT. A new up to date flat fuse box. Handmade Stainless Steel headers with Stainless Steel heater exchange. Competitive Willians 6 point 3 inch Racing Harness from the UK, Rennline, Momo, Alpine with Boston Speakers, it goes on and on….. And the original color of Tangerine or Blut Orange in German looks like new.

It just completed its yearly maintenance where we pull the engine / transmission from the body to address any and all maintenance. At that time we leak down test which showed it is still a LIKE NEW engine. We also added Turbo front and GT rear mechanical / hydraulic calipers and all new vented disc brakes. Porsche rear GT brakes are impossible to source. These GT brakes allow the use of the hand brake and have 33% bigger pucks. Original Porsche Factory GT calipers were sourced by the Porsche Factory from Ferrari.

Its not perfect but then what is? Mileage shown is 26k but true mileage may be different. This car comes with a clear California title and FOUR inches of receipts and documentation.

The few remaining 1970-71 914-6’s are becoming the new Speedsters of our era. Which is why Hagerty Insurance gives the 1970-71 Porsche 914-6 the fastest increasing value of any used car on the market today.

This is my car and I am a private enthusiast. It is garaged and maintained in Bay Area of Northern California.

I have set a price of $64,000.00

Click here for for more details on Craigslist.




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    • Nice little project you have there, Ashton. I like the direction you are taking with it. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with everything.

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