1960s Benelli Cobra 125


The love of a mother can not be underestimated, and such is the case of Teresa Benelli, suddenly a widow and mother of six boys in the early 1900s in Italy. In 1911, without a husband and facing the prospect of raising her young boys on her own, she made the fateful decision to invest all of her family’s capital into Benelli Garage (then focused primarily on repairing bicycles and motorcycles) with the hopes of providing stable employment and a means of making a living for her sons.

Eventually, her dream was realized and all six brothers would work for the motorcycle manufacturing company with the youngest, Antonio “Tonino” Benelli, going on to race motorcycles with his namesake to four national Italian championship titles in five years from 1927-1931. Based in Pesaro, Italy, Benelli is considered one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in Europe. Benelli still manufacturers motorcycles to this day in Pesaro with a rich and long Italian championship racing heritage, albeit under Chinese ownership and stewardship of Group Qianjiang.

Up for sale is a 1960s Benelli Cobra 125, rescued from neglect and outdoor storage almost 20 years ago by the current owner. In that time, the bike was lovingly refurbished with a completely rebuilt motor, classic aluminum wheels with stainless steel spokes, excellent brightwork, Mannari clip-ons, throttle, and controls, and silver/candy-apple red color scheme.

The look is finished off with an authentic leather seat and sleek front faring to allow you to do your best Tonino Benelli imitation on the streets. Grab your share of Italian history on Ebay with a Buy-it-now price of $6,500. With a reputation of building motorcycles for over 30 years and several bikes inducted into the National Motorcycle Museum in Iowa, Barber Museum and the Guy Webster Museum, you can bet this is a high-quality build from the seller.


Year: 1960s
Make: Benelli
: Cobra 125
Engine: 125cc
Transmission: manual
: unknown
Price: $6.500 Buy it now


Benelli cobra 125 Road racer.

Not sure exactly what year it is, I’ve had it for so long I don’t really remember. I’ve done a little research on these bikes, so we’re going to call her a ’69. I got this little bike maybe 16 or 17 years ago. At that point she had sat for many years outside. It had a stuck cylinder that was off the motor so the crankcase was filled with leaves, dirt, and stuff. Needless to say not only did I have to rebuild the top end with an oversized piston and rings, but I also had to put a new crankshaft and it. So you have a complete rebuild motor in this little girl, crank, piston, rings, bearings, all the gaskets and seals….. She has an excellent little motor. This bike has aluminum wheels, Buchannon stainless spokes, polished hubs, ventilated brake hubs, and new tires. The chrome plating on this bike is outstanding, just take a look at the expansion chamber, and the candy apple red frame is just beautiful. The clip on handlebars are Mannari as well as the throttle and control levers. Brand-new cables and a bitchen and little downdraft Dellorto carburetor with chrome velocity stack. The seat was done in real leather upholstery not vinyl and beautiful paint work tops off this quality build. All the nuts, bolts and hardware have been re zinc plated is just a little example of the attention to detail in my builds.

I have been building and restoring motorcycles for over 30 years I have six or seven motorcycles in the National Motorcycle Museum in Iowa and five or six of my restorations are at the Barber museum and a few at the Guy Webster museum. The quality of my builds speak for themselves, you will be extremely happy with this motorcycle. Don’t miss this opportunity to add a classic Benelli racer to your collection.

Click here to see the full ad on Ebay.




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