1965 BMW 3200 CS

$T2eC16R,!zUE9s38+HeRBRbdo18LHw~~_4There are several constants in the Universe, one of them being the Italians know the art of beauty, passion, and good pasta. So it is no surprise to learn that Carrozzeria Bertone, an Italian coachbuilder and designer, was commissioned by BMW to design and build a new sports touring car called the BMW 3200 CS.

The 3200 CS, sold from 1962-1965, represents the last of BMW’s post-war luxury cars with V-8 pushrod valve technology and a live rear axle. As the first BMW to bear the CS (coupe sport) badge, it also heralded and established the design language of new BMWs to come with its low belt line, thin pillars, round tail lights, and now-famous (and oft-imitated) Hofmeister kink in the C-pillar.

This was a hand-built and bespoke car for select customers but ultimately was discontinued after approximately 600 units were built due to its high production costs. As a result, it is rare to see one on the road, particularly in such immaculate condition as the one on offer from Crevier Classic Cars in Costa Mesa, CA.

This dark blue over tan leather example is supposedly one of only 50 or so remaining in the world! It benefits from a full restoration by Don Dethlefsen, a distinguished car collector. Every square inch of this Italian-designed beauty has been replaced or refurbished to like-new condition and is ready to impress your fellow car enthusiasts or hit the concours car circuit. Check it out today and take a gander at a very rare BMW that turned out to be a beautiful love child of German engineering and Italian design.

$T2eC16V,!ykE9s7tw3(8BRbdpO(53w~~_4Year: 1965
Make: BMW
Model: 3200 CS
Engine: 3.2 V-8 (160 hp)
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 50,408 miles
Price: call

$T2eC16JHJHkFFlt,w)JRBRbdp,YWk!~~_4The BMW 3200CS was the first to wear the CS or Coupe Sport moniker and featured the latest high-performance V-8. It was constructed in partnership with Bertone, who both designed and built the body. The 3200CS was unveiled at the 1961 Frankfurt Motor Show and the first cars were delivered in February 1962. The stunning bodywork introduced many styling cues that were seen on later models such as the slim roof section, round taillights with central indicators and distinctive C pillar kink. Aimed at a select clientele, the high-fashion CS was priced at $7,500 and was often made to suit customer specifications. BMW soon realized that complications arising from the hand-built bodies, plus the tremendous success of their other models made the Bertone coupe too expensive and stopped production after only 603 were built. The 3200 was the last remnant of BMW’s luxury V-8’s, but the beautiful model left its mark on virtually every future coupe, with its timeless styling and exclusive appeal. This rare 1965 BMW 3200CS was found by Don Dethlefsen in 1996, a collector, restorer and owner of the distinguished Werk Shop, after it was left sitting behind a restoration shop in Sacramento, California. The car was taken back to Don’s shop in Illinois and treated to a full nut-and-bolt restoration to showroom condition. The finished bodywork was painted a deep dark blue and was fitted with all of the hard to find badges and trim. The interior was also restored to as-new condition with its tan leather seats and blue carpet. The smooth V-8 was completely refurbished and runs silently at idle with a wonderful sound as the revs build. The car also has the rare, factory electric sunroof, Becker Mexico radio and a floor mounted 4-speed manual gearbox. This car is one of approximately 50 remaining 3200CS coupes worldwide.

Click here for the full ad at Crevier Classic Cars.


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