1989 BMW M3


Perhaps the most recognizable alphanumeric combination in the automotive world is M3, a model that represents the best that BMW has to offer from its 3-series lineup, and at one point in history, one of the best Touring cars racing has ever seen.

BMW fully subscribed to the philosophy that winning on the race track was good for business when it came to selling road cars. In the 80s in order to compete in FIA-sanctioned racing events, manufacturers were required to post race cars that met FIA’s homologation requirements, which were almost as difficult as its pronunciation. This meant that the race cars had to be closely based on their road-legal production counterparts with regard to engines, aerodynamics, and other areas. And they had to sell a minimum of 5,000 units to the general public. BMW originally considered campaigning the M635CSi however they were not confident they would be able to sell the minimum requirement for cars sold so they turned to an E30-based race car instead. Thus, the M3 was born.

The first-generation M3 was offered from 1986-1991, eventually sold almost 18,000 units, and most importantly, heralded the beginning of BMWs dominance in the sports sedan category (both 2- and 4-door) that arguably continues to this day. Compared to the pedestrian 3-series of the time, the M3 benefited from a high-revving 4-cylinder engine that produced 195-250 hp in various forms, uprated suspension, brakes, and aggressive-looking aerodynamics such as new front/rear bumpers, boxed flared fenders for wider tires, raised rear decklid, and a ginormous rear spoiler. The only body panels shared between the race car and the road car were the hood and roof panels.

Although its performance is relatively modest compared to today’s cars, all of these improvements enabled the M3 to dominate numerous racing events of its era primarily due to its chassis handling and grip. This baby was fun to drive and cornered like a dream. It’s because of the M3’s racing provenance, handling characteristics, and purity of purpose that makes the original and first generation the most coveted among car enthusiasts.

Offered today is a seemingly pristine, low-mileage, rust-free, and unmolested stock example in Scottsdale, Arizona. This one-owner car has apparently been well cared for with complete documentation and discriminating maintenance. It also comes in an appealing color combination of Alpine White over black leather with the interior in relatively excellent condition. With prices increasing on these bad boys every day, the Buy-it-now price of $34,950 seems like a good buy. Hurry up and snatch it up off of Ebay before it is too late.


Year: 1989
Make: BMW
Model: M3
Engine: 2.3 inline 4-cylinder
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 87,070 miles
Price: $34,950 Buy it now


VIN # WBSAK0308K2198515

For sale is a beautiful 1989 BMW E30 M3. The E30 was BMW’s first version of the “motorsports” car for their legendary “3 Series.” This M3 is a one owner, low mileage car with only 87,000 miles! It has never been in an accident, painted, modified or raced. There are not many E30s like this left! This M3 started life as a BMW factory car and was purchased by its original owner off the showroom floor of BMW Seattle on August 4, 1990 with 7921 miles. Accompanying the M3 are extensive service records that document the car’s history from that time forward. The M3 is in excellent condition and will surely please!

This M3 is finished in its original Alpine White paint and is rust free. The car has always been garage kept and the white paint is extremely vibrant and looks stunning. All of the rubber seals are still in great shape, the glass is all original, and the car retains all of its original VIN stickers. The M3 wears a like new set of factory correct 205/55/15 Dunlop tires. In 1991 while still under warranty, the rear bumper was replaced by BMW Seattle due to an improper rear bumper mount that caused warping. A terrific job was done and is not noticeable, even when told the bumper has been replaced. This is documented in the service records. The M3 does have some minor rock chips on the front end, none large in size and nothing out of the ordinary for an 87,000 mile car. The windshield shows a little pitting and has one small star. The very bottom of the front bumper shows a little wear. The rear spoiler does appear to be yellowing a little. I have done my best to photograph all of the blemishes on the car. Overall, the exterior of this M3 is in excellent condition and is truly a rare find!

The interior of this car is in superb condition! The M3 retains its original black leather interior that shows very well. The seats are very supportive and show minimal wear on the bolsters, the carpet is in excellent condition, and the dash and door panels show little to no wear at all. The A/C system is original and still blows cold. The power moon roof and windows operate as they should. One of the few luxuries on the E30 M3 was the radio. It still operates flawlessly and is a fantastic sound system! The M3 maintains the factory correct, three spoke non airbag steering wheel. The OBC was replaced by BMW and works correctly and the check control system still works as it should. At one point in the early 90s, the M3 did have an in car phone. All that remains of that system are the four screws in the center console.
Mechanically the car is exceptionally sound. The S14 engine fires right up and is a blast to drive! The engine is mated to a 5 speed transmission that shifts great through all the gears. The cooling system is in great operating condition and keeps the car cool in Arizona’s 110 degree heat. The steering is tight and the brakes feel great and stop the car with ease. In 1990, BMW Seattle installed a new engine block under warranty. The factory original head was retained and is still in the M3 with its VIN stamping on it. The entire repair is documented, showing BMW put in a warranty block, new crank, rods, etc. In 1994 with 54,000 miles, the motor suffered oil starvation and spun a bearing. The warranty block was reused and completely rebuilt. This time and oil baffle was added to prevent any future failures. This work too is all documented and was done by BMW Seattle. From then on, the motor has performed flawlessly, just needing routine maintenance. After this second rebuild, the M3 was retired from regular use and was only brought out for nice days.

This E30 M3 is an excellent weekend toy or daily driver. This is a great chance to own an exceptional, one owner, accident free E30 M3 with full service history and is completely unmodified. The M3 is outstanding, both inside and out, and is located in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona!

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