Authentic Vintage Dopp Kit


Any self-respecting man needs a Dopp kit as part of his collection of basic Man things. Interestingly, although a generic name for a standard men’s toiletry bag today, the Dopp kit was made by and named after Charles Doppelt, a German immigrant and leather craftsman who began production of the first Dopp kit in 1919 for the purposes of withstanding the rigors of traveling.

According to Merriam-Webster’s Jim Rader and his research, the Dopp kit may have actually been designed by Doppelt’s nephew and employee, Jerome Harris. Doppelt’s company was eventually acquired by Samsonite in the early 70s, and subsequently Buxton purchased the trademark “Dopp” in 1979 and continues to produce Dopp-branded bags to this day.

During WWII, Dopp kits were standard issue for all soldiers and millions were produced, thus establishing the Dopp name as the Kleenex and the de facto standard for toiletry bags, representing a rite of passage into manhood. Here is an opportunity to acquire an authentic vintage Dopp bag for a bargain and in excellent condition. Originally sold for $200, this brown leather Dopp kit can be yours for a cool $30 and is located in Fresno CA on Craigslist.


Make: Charles Doppelt & Co
Model: Vintage Dopp Kit
Color: brown leather
Price: $30


Vintage brown leather Dopp kit case very nice great look great feel new this item runs for over 200. I’m selling this one for 30. I don’t use it don’t need it great for traveling the zipper may need to be replaced the zipper on it now is getting a little brittle from age overall its in great condition.

Click here for the seller’s ad on Craigslist.

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