1959 Fiat Abarth 750 Spider Allemano


From the mid 50s to late 60s, Fiat produced a city car called the 600, or Seicento (say-chento) in Italiano. The 600 was Fiat’s first rear-engined car and at slightly under 11-feet long, it was small enough to maneuver throughout crowded European cities, making it quite popular, particularly in Spain, Argentina, Yugoslavia.

For Abarth, an Italian tuner and race-car builder with longstanding ties to Fiat, the 600 was not sporty enough and thus, they produced a variant known as the Abarth 750 with a hotter, bigger-displacement engine and other performance upgrades.

For some of Abarth’s clients, they required a droptop and thus, the 750 Spider Allemano was born. Wisely, Carlo Abarth outsourced the spider to coachbuilder Carrozzeria Allemano. This collaboration resulted in a beautiful and unique roadster with Italian flair, go-cart handling, and its trademark front chrome bumpers that double as a pencil thin-like moustache adorning its face.

This mighty-might was rico suave and ready for cruising the streets of Rome. On offer is an immaculate condition 750 Spider that is factory correct with exception to the addition of rare Campganolo wheels, leather seats, and square-weave interior carpet in place of standard rubber mats.

With flawless dark blue paint over black leather, bright chrome work, and excellent-running mechanicals, this is a rare opportunity to own a cool weekend driver that can provide years of enjoyment. It’s believed only 750 were ever produced so you are assured to being one of a kind almost everywhere you go. Our featured car is advertised for sale at Goodman Reed Motorcars of Santa Barbara, California for $78,000.


Year: 1959
Make: Fiat Abarth
Model: 750 Spider Allemano
Engine: 747cc inline 4-Cylinder
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: unknown
Price: $78,000


Offered for sale is a fantastic example of an exceedingly rare and beautifully presented 1959 Fiat Abarth 750 Spider with coachwork by Allemano.  While a vast majority of Carlo Abarth’s offerings were closed cars, some of his clientele preferred open cars for competition and he was aware that a roadster could be successful in the profitable U.S. market. As such, he commissioned a Spider from Zagato based upon the 750GT. With Zagato’s initial designs drawing only limited appeal, Abarth turned to Carrozzeria Allemano, the Turin based coachbuilder famous for their work with Maserati throughout the 1950s. The result of their efforts is a Spider that’s entirely unique, sleek and sporty while retaining a period Italian charm. It’s believed that Allemano only built 750 Spiders for Abarth and complete correct cars are especially difficult to find, making this a truly uncommon opportunity.

Tastefully finished in a rich dark blue over black, this car is turns heads and garners attention wherever it goes. The distinctive curved bumpers are in excellent condition, as is all of the chrome and polished alloy trim. The car doesn’t appear to have ever been in any accidents, all of the panel fits and gaps are excellent and the finish is free of any dings or scratches. The car is factory correct with three exceptions: the optional and extremely rare period Campagnolo wheels (which happened to have caught the sunset in the pictures and therefore look much more gold than they actually are – send us an inquiry and we can forward you a picture of them when they’re not in direct sunlight), leather seats (they were originally vinyl), and squareweave interior carpeting (originally just rubber mats). The car’s interior is equally as clean. The seats and carpets are flawless, as is the original dash, which retains its correct Abarth gauges and switchgear. The door trim is complete with proper storage pockets and the car’s navy soft top and boot cover are in perfect condition.

The original 747 CC inline 4-Cylinder engine with correct 2-Barrel Weber carburetor runs beautifully, starting without any smoke or hesitation, idling consistently and pulling strongly through each of its four gears. The car’s four wheel drum brakes function effectively (it hardly weighs anything, after all), and the car’s wheelbase, front transverse leaf-spring suspension and rear independent coil-spring suspension make it handle like a go-cart. It’s undeniably fun to drive and one immediately understands Abarth’s legendary racing history from behind the steering wheel.

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire an exceptionally rare and unique Abarth Spider that’s ready for club events, shows, or even just weekend drives. Finding another 750 Allemano bodied Spider is nearly impossible, so serious Etceterini or Abarth enthusiasts and collectors ought to give this car significant consideration.

Click here for the full ad at Goodman Reed Motorcars.





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