1964 Volkswagen Type 3 Notchback


In the US, most people associate old-school air-cooled VW’s with the ubiquitous Beetle and Bus models. But there is a loyal following for the lesser-known Type 3 models produced between 1961-1973 including the Squareback, Fastback, and Notchback variants.

The Type 3 had the distinction of being the first VW with a transverse torsion bar front suspension as opposed to torsion leaves. Wrapped inside a pleasing and curvaceous body, particularly the three-box Notchback, was a classic air-cooled VW chassis to offer something a little bit different for the compact-car shopper.

This particular rust-free Notchback has been thoroughly refreshed after sitting in a garage for 12 years and is decked in show-quality battleship grey paint, all-new rubber seals, chrome, and electrical system. The engine is a stroked and rebuilt 2.2 with jetted carbs and uprated headers and exhaust. Everything is kept flat in the corners with a rebuilt suspension including an IRS transaxle, adjustable spring plates, and new KYB dampers. If you are looking for a classic VW that is a little off the beaten Beetle path, check out this cool-looking Notch at TheSamba currently offered for $22,000 OBO.


Year: 1964
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Type 3 Notchback
Engine: 2.2 4-cylinder air-cooled
Transmission: manual
Mileage: unknown
Price: $22,000 OBO


This is an incredibly nice car that I recently have put together after sitting inside a garage for almost 12 years after being painted. My buddy and I purchased this work in progress from the previous owner when he needed to move and empty the garage, it had been covered with a Technalon cover all this time and the paint and body is perfect. The paint has just been professionally buffed and polished and is show quality. It is absolutely rust free with perfect floors. The interior is also very nice. The dash is perfect and has a new Flat 4 steering wheel. The chrome has been redone and is perfect too. All new rubber seals too.

Along with the purchase it came with a rebuilt IRS transaxle with a super differential cover which I have installed into the IRS engine cradle that was modified for an upright engine and also was powdercoated satin black.
It also has adjustable spring plates and new KYB Excel G shocks front and rear.
The transmission shifts great with the Gene Berg shifter and new shift shaft bushings.

The engine is 2220 CC’s and was just rebuilt using a new case and CB 44 heads. The original German crank has been stroked and counter-balanced to 80mm and 94mm cylinders installed. The cam is a custom grind from Snyder’s with about 250 degrees at .050 lift, it is smooth and very powerful running through two twin throat Delororto carburetors. It has 1 5/8″ headers with a merged collector. An under and over Magnaflow muffler with mandrel bends has been installed. It exits through the stock opening in the valance. The carburetors were jetted to the engine specifications with help of CB performance technical advice.

The suspension and brakes have been completely rebuilt with new German ball joints and authentic VW front torsion arm seals. The front disc brakes were obtained from a later car and the original VW German ATE calipers rebuilt using authentic ATE seals, it has a new German ATE dual master cylinder. All new brake hoses were installed. The handling is very crisp and fun to drive. It would make an excellent autocross car. The car is very solid and rattle free.

The electrical system has been updated to 12 volt with an alternator and completely new wiring harnesses installed front to back. There is a new side terminal battery installed for short protection. It has European headlamps and tail lamps. The 12 volt starter is from an automatic car so it has the supported nose cone bearing. The 12 volt fuel gauge is a NOS part that I sourced and works correct. It also has a tachometer that is a new part that complements the other gauges with its matching gray face.

The lighting system has been wired with the correct VW flasher so the flash to pass switch on the turn signal lever works properly even with the push button operated lights off.

There is allot more that has been done to this car than I can think of now. I will also include a roof rack that has been powder coated silver. I will include a treasure chest of spare parts too including the original swing out windows if desired to install. I have the original bill of sale records showing delivery in Holland and then shipped to Long Beach California USA. I also have all the receipts on what I have spent which is about 10K not including the car purchase.

Thanks for reading all this! Richard

Click here for additional photos.

Click here for the full ad on TheSamba.




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