1965 BMW R69S Cafe Racer


In 1923 BMW Motorrad, the motorcycle brand of BMW, manufactured its first motorcycle called the R32, that came with a flat-twin boxer engine. This unique engine format continued on to with the R69S, a more modern model line offered from 1955-1969 and optimized for touring and spirited mountain riding along twisty roads.

At the time (and to this day), BMW bikes were considered the Rolls Royce of motorcycles, known for their smooth ride, refinement, quality build, and stout performance. And they definitely looked the part as well with their Teutonic engineering and no-nonsense aesthetic that was purposeful in nature, yet simplistic and beautiful.

From 1960-1969, the R69S came with an efficient direct drive system transferring up to 42 peak hp. This helped motivate the 450-lb bike (with a full tank) quite well and allowed our featured machine to scoot when necessary and still provide a quiet ride.

This little number is a mint and well-maintained example, according to the seller. It comes with an uprated Hoske race tank, exhaust, mirrors, and seat to give it a cool cafe vibe. With less than 7,300 miles on the odo, this bike unfortunately has spent more time in a garage than on the road. Perhaps this is your time to liberate this Beemer for some classic riding of your own. Check it out on Ebay with a current bid of $7,700 (reserve not met).


Year: 1965
Make: BMW
: R69S
Engine: flat twin boxer (42 hp)
Transmission: 4-speed manual
: 7,224 miles
Price: $7,700 bid (Reserve not met)


Low RESERVE!!! & I will ship internationally!! If you like this R69S, then do not wait till last day!!, Please READ before you place a bid and make sure you agree and able to honor the term listed!!, This bike listed on local paper and IBMWR. I reserve the right to end this auction if it is sold before auction end. Please contact me at 203-216-8888 Bill Lee between 9Am ~ 10PM EST if you have any question or you have buy it now offer, and you are welcome to come over to inspect the R69S. Recently we purchased a collection of a R69S, R69 and a R68, misalliance parts, mostly slah2. There is YouTube Video of this bike title “Triple matched 1965 BMW R69S w 7k original miles” check it out!!!! I only have room to post 24 photos, please contact me if you require more detail photos. – A chance of life time to own a MINT original R69S with only original 7224 miles!! In tip top condition, one kick bike. Sold by Butler & Smith in 1966 and was owned by previous owner for over 40 years, Marched” 1965 R69S triple Matching engine, ID tag & frame numbers (#659660). The well to do owner put on the best money he can buy- 8 GAL HOSKE racer tank, ALBERT mirror, HELLA RENNSPORT racing mufflers, and leather BATES seat. To give the R69S a RENNSPORT / CAFÉ Racer look a R68 Front fender and short EURO bar were put on, and a R68 EBER tail light put on a front gender replace the bulky slash 2 rear fender. The R69S is in MINT condition, the condition of paints, engine case and calendars as proof of low mileage The set of METZLER tire is original to the R69S when it let the factory in 1965. It bear the cycled S and you can research to proof their vintage. The previous owner owns over thirty pre-1969 BMW but did not keep too well with the record. There is a 1966 NY Registration. Call and ask any question, The bike come with clear New York Registration and a notarized CT Bill of sale. The Sale is final and it is “AS IS”, Please contact me at 203-216-8888 Bill Lee if you have any question, and you are welcome to come over to inspect the bike.

Click here to see the full ad on Ebay.




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