1960 Vespa VBB 150 Scooter


If you have ever been to Viet Nam, you will know that scooters are THE primary mode of motorized transport, outnumbering their four-wheeled counterparts by a gazillion to one. For realz. They are ubiquitous.

Thus, it is no surprise to find this black beauty 1960 Vespa VBB 150 for sale in Sai Gon, where it is estimated there are 4.5 million scooters in a city with the population of 8 million. The ecosystem to buy, sell, support, and maintain scooters is vast and overwhelming.

Vespa, which means wasp in Italian, is a post-WWII brand from Piaggio & Co. S.p.A., that manufactured fighter planes during the war. After the Allies shut down the war machine in Italy, and in an effort to provide much-needed affordable transportation to the post-war masses, Piaggio turned to scooters, and the rest is history.


The VBB (named for the first three characters of the VIN) carries the signature look of what most people envision in a Vespa: large front faring, curvaceous cowlings, and single headlight melding into the handlebars. It is the classic look of a Vespa that is carried on to this day in the P-series, and also makes them all so iconic and appealing.

The VBB is the successor to the handlebar “widebody” Vespas and incorporated some nifty features such as a 4-speed transmission (which was previously reserved for the Gran Sport at the time), simple yet bullet-proof engine, and excellent fuel efficiency.

Our featured VBB has the added benefit of all major engine, suspension, and electrical systems being completely reconditioned, including upgraded 10″ wheels over standard 8’s for a more comfy ride. The seller, SuperUberVespas, has seemingly lived up to its namesake and refurbished, sold, and shipped many a Vespa abroad. For the asking price of $2,350 on Ebay, this one could be yours and seems like a relative bargain. You may not get there quickly, but you will arrive in style.


Year: 1960
Make: Vespa
: VBB 150
Engine: 150cc 1-cylinder air-cooled 2-stroke
Transmission: 4-speed manual
: unknown
Price: $2,350


This vintage 1960 VBB 150 cc is a awesome street-legal collectors items that is a blast to ride.  Motor is a VLX model with 12 Volt CDI electric upgrade for better reliability and has 10 inch wheels for more stability at high speeds. A real head turner on every ride…

We our SuperUberVespas and build some of the best Vespas out of Asia, check us out if you want to have fun. Send me an email and I will send more info and photos. Or just plug our name in and see what happens.

This is a awesome Italian Vespas. Basic mechanical knowledge is highly recommended, such as changing the spark plug from time to time, adjusting brake/clutch cables, adding 2% oil to the gas, etc… If that is YOU? then please read on. The engine, suspension and electrical systems are completely reconditioned.

  • Piston and rings
  • Clutch
  • Gears
  • Cross bar
  • 20/20 De Lorto carburetor
  • All new bearings, bushings, seals, gaskets, springs, shocks, brakes, cables…
  • Wiring harness and all electrical components
  • Off/On power key switch installed for added security
  • Bright lights
  • Loud horn
  • Clean running
  • Easy starting
  • Great gas mileage

Every inch of this Vespa has been gone over, every part that was not like new condition was replaced!

  • Top quality new synthetic leather seats with matching spare tire cover
  • All new rubber trim
  • White wall inserts
  • New Piaggio hand grips
  • New steering lock
  • New odometer
  • Most screws, nuts, bolts, and washers have been replaced with stainless steel fixtures
  • Stainless steel leg-shield trim
  • Stainless steel  floor runners
  • Stainless steel choke assembly
  • Chrome rims
  • Stainless steel 3 in 1 rack
  • stainless steel hub caps
  • Stainless steel fender guards
  • New fuel tap with stainless steel linkage assembly
  • Chrome plated gas cap with stainless steel latch
  • Chrome plated front seat bracket
  • New stainless steel rider seat bracket
  • High performance sport exhaust system – stainless steel expansion pipe with stainless steel muffler  

The engine runs smooth and strong, like brand new. Great gas mileage too ~ (APPROX. 75 MILES PER GALLON) run up to 55-ish mph

Click here to see the full ad on Ebay.



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