1968 Gibson ES330 Guitar


If having an axe to grind means doing so on a vintage Gibson, perhaps it ain’t so bad. Gibson Guitar Corporation has made guitars since 1902, originally in Kalamazoo, MI but more recently in Nashville, TN. Most famously known for their Les Paul model, the American guitar manufacturer produced numerous other models that are now collectibles, including the ES330.

Based on the photos, this particular example appears to be well-cared for and is gorgeous to boot. It supposedly was the guitar of choice by a local touring musician until recently, which means it has a lot of stories to tell as it made its way through various music venues and many a smokey bar. At least the romantic in me wants to imagine such a thing.

Don’t be fooled by imitations or re-issues. This is apparently the real McCoy with authentic pedigree as a performance guitar, drop-dead good looks, and immaculate condition. It can be yours for $2,449 on Craigslist, which is a relative bargain. If you end up buying this bad boy, send me a clip of your first tune played. I’d love to hear how it sounds.


Year: 1968
: Gibson
Model: ES330
Color: red
Price: $2,449


My baby. 1968 Gibson ES330 in beautiful condition. All original except for Klusons replaced with original (quite rare) Grover “Pat.Pending” Rotomatics– the BEST Grovers! Originally purchased from Guitar Center’s vintage collection 6 years ago. Your choice of original nylon saddles or chrome saddles (I prefer the chrome, which is what’s on it now).

Pictures tell the rest– no issues, no breaks, no crazing in the original, gorgeous finish. 2 or 3 tiny finish dings (tiny as in 1/8″ or so), very minimal buckle rash (about the least I’ve ever seen for a guitar from this era). Was a #1 guitar for a touring musician until becoming a part of our studio collection.

I’m crying just writing this. Love this guitar!

I’ll include a set of brand new, unopened Hybrid Slinky if you’d like (only strings I play). Comes with a non original, recent issue Epiphone ES case, a perfect fit (and a “security” measure/deception device for touring).

Enjoy! You won’t find a nicer one out there. I promise.

Click here for the seller’s ad on Craigslist.


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