1954 Porsche 356 Competition


Historic racing has been around for generations and seemingly growing in popularity. The combination of taking a vintage car and driving it like you stole it is intoxicating, particularly if you can be doing so in a decked-out Pre-A Porsche 356.

It takes some major cajones to race a vintage car and potentially swap paint with a fellow enthusiast, and I admire those that do. Besides looking the part, this silver 1954 Porsche 356 has a deep history in vintage racing, having been campaigned for the past 19 years. It has been well-built, maintained, and more importantly, driven as intended.

This unique 356 retains its classic good looks while incorporating some well-appointed features such as high-performance engine work, upgraded brakes, racing clutch, roll cage, race fuel cell, and racing buckets. This is a purpose-built machine and race car under the skin/profile of a beautiful 356. If you’ve ever had the itch to race with other enthusiasts in an old-school car, this might be the ticket. Currently available for sale at Mohr Imports for $78,500.


Year: 1954
Make: Porsche
Model: 356
Engine: 1.6 flat-four cylinder 115hp
Transmission: manual
Mileage: unknown
Price: $78,500


This is a 1954 Porsche 356 competition car.

The car has been competing in vintage events for the last 19 years. Most recently competed at the Kohler International Challenge, Road America in July 2011. A well known car on the vintage racing circuit.

Built by Meisterwerks of Minneapolis, MN in 1993 for Ben Robertaccio Sr. A purpose-built vintage Racing car, which he campaigned in many races usually 5 or 6 per year, throughout his ownership, up until his passing and leaving the car to his son Ben Jr.

This car was prepared as a reliable track car, starting from a very nice shell. The engine was built as a 115 hp motor that would last through the season each year.

Mahle pistons were used to raise the CC ratio. The crank is a C model crank when freshening up the bearings were always replaced as were the rings and the valves were freshend or replaced. The Accusump system was in place from the beginning and attributed to the longevity of the motor as well as the oil coolers.

The handling of the car was sorted so that it would drive safely and not in the mannerism of the pre A cars.

Brakes are Porsche C type brakes, with dual master cylinder and clutch is a Sachs racing clutch.

Transaxle is a Porsche 741 C model gearbox with medium to long course gears. Shifting is direct and it has a removable steering wheel and the fire system is throughout the car in every compartment.

All of the fuel, brake and accessory lines are top quality throughout the automobile.

The Cage was plated and installed also by Meisterwerks and the car has always remained a dependable and fun car to drive and a cost effective vintage racing car.


“Through his time of ownership the car was proudly owned by Ben and the Robertaccio family…it has always been an attention getter. The car in a general description is a reliable and ‘safe race car’ if maintained properly and will last a lifetime. It will truly remain a Historic Race car and a valuable part of Vintage racing history.”

~ George Wilke / Meisterwerks

Specs on the car include:

  • 1600 cc engine, 115 hp
  • disc brakes front and rear
  • front and rear sway bars
  • 6×15 Fuchs alloys
  • full safety fuel system/fuel cell
  • Interior is full aluminum
  • Louvered steel rear quarter windows
  • Dual safety seats and harness

This is a very straight 356. No evidence of rust. A strong running motor. Good gearbox and clutch. Good syncro’s in all gears. A great opportunity to own this Porsche Pre-A 356 vintage coupe that is eligible for HMSA, CSRG, SCCA and numerous other vintage racing events.

Click here for the full ad at Mohr Imports.





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