Limited Edition Eames Plywood Elephant

Eames Elephant 2

Elephants; gentle giants who have fascinated world explorers, naturalist, travelers, and most of all, interior designers!  Many images of these gentle giants are found in Charles’ photographic documentations of Indian culture and the circus world. The Eameses initially designed an elephant out of molded plywood, but it required complex fabrication methods, and they never put it into production. Only two original prototypes were made, both of which were displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in 1945–46. One was sold, and one was kept by the Eames estate. It is believed only one original Elephant survives. While an official licensed plastic version exists from Vitra, only 1000 manufactured in their intended form were ever released.  Here at Vintage Kraft we like the rare and unique item that embodies an amazing era which is long gone. While not one of the least expensive items, it is definitely something you don’t see every day. Check out the online auction for further details.

Eames Elephant 3

Make: Vitra
Model: Eames Plywood Elephant
Price: Opening bid at $2,900

Eames Elephant 4

Charles and Ray Eames

There were 500 made in natural maple like this one, and the other 500 were stained red maple. This wonderful piece of scuptural form is now rare and most held in private collections and museums.
Vitra, Switzerland
designed 1945, made 2007
 Natural Maple
Numbered one of  1000
Label for Anniversary Edition 2007,  Maple , one of 1000, the authorized original by Vitra.
16.5″ x 17″ x 30″
Retains its carrying bag, and all original information and packing box

Literature: Neuhart, The Story of Eames Furniture, Book 1, Gestalten, 2010, pg. 359.

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