1966 Typ34 Karmann Ghia Coupe


Some could argue that the first true Volkswagen was the Typ 3. The beetle, the original Ferdinand Porsche KDF Wagon or People’s car, designed, manufactured, and realized before Volkswagen became the Volkswagen we know and love today. The Typ 2 (Bus) was essentially the beetle re-engineered.  Then there was a little secret project in the late 50’s headed by Heinz Nordhoff, the first official head of Volkswagen AG. Way back in the bowels of Wolfsburg, the 1500 was born.  A modern comfortable Volkswagen, with wide seats, softer suspension, better visibility, and 60’s styling, baby’. No more of that 30’s roundness. This baby was fast and looked the part. The Typ 3 started with Notchback, Squareback, and Fastaback, before this Italian penned beauty joined the line up. Everything on this slim ragaza was beautiful, hand crafted, and oozed La Dolce Vita Sexiness. Evolving into the 1600, it gained 5 more horsepower, disc brakes, and 12 volts (in 1967). This beautiful example sold by non other than Lee Hedges, type 3 guru is one of the best ones to hit the market. At $15K, a beautiful and unique way to roll 60’s style.

T3 Ghia 03

Year: 1966
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Ype 34 Ghia
Engine: 160cc
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: unknown
Price: $15,000

T3 Ghia 04

VIN# 346 215 632 (built in March 1966) with matching numbers & original engineDocumented four owners in North Carolina & OhioRestored in 1990’s to original condition, daily driver ready to enjoy nowBody has never been in an accident & excellent mechanical conditionLocated in Bryan Ohio USA, an hour west of Toledo Ohio. 1966 Features: front disk brakes, 1600cc engine, silver gauges. Last year for painted dash, gray dash knobs, & 6V electical system.

Click here for the full ad at Lee Hedges.


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