1978 Hamilton Military-issue Watch MIL W 46374B


The Hamilton Watch Company is an American icon and watch manufacturer that has been around since the late 19th century. This stalwart brand has changed hands several times over the decades, but is likely best known for being the brand of choice for WWII US military troops, with more than a million units shipped overseas.

It also served as inspiration for an indelible scene from Pulp Fiction with Christopher Walken waxing poetic to a young Butch (Bruce Willis’ character) about the trials and tribulations he took to get that beloved watch from father to son.

This featured watch is a rare NOS (new-old-stock) military issue with manual wind, acrylic crystal, and NATO-style web band. You cannot get any more Americana than this and I am half-tempted to buy this myself. Don’t tell my wife. It’s available on Ebay with a Buy-it-now price of $995 from Connoisseur of Time.


Year: 1978
: Hamilton Watch Company
Model: Military-issue MIL W 46374B
Price: $995


The Hamilton Watch Co., America’s most iconic vintage watch firm, built treasured timepieces that are still cherished by many today. During their peak years, which lasted from the 30’s into the 60’s, the Pennsylvania establishment developed a reputation for innovation and quality, creating some of the finest American wristwatches.


Today’s auction showcases a rare true new-old-stock Hamilton military issue wristwatch. It is military issue MIL W 46374B dated December 1978 with its cool original box stamped Nov. 1978.

As the watch is a pristine time capsule piece that has never been opened we tested it – it is keeping time – and chose not to service, though we would recommend it receive one if it is going to be worn.

Accompanying the watch are its original box and packaging. This is as pristine as they come.

Included with the purchase is a one-year international warranty on the movement and its function and a custom printed Connoisseur of Time Certificate of Authenticity.

 Click here for the seller’s ad on Ebay.




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